Max Fowler Layouts

Maxwell Colliery Loading Point - OO Gauge

The layout will be a rapid loading tower arrangement such as that at Renstrie (or Ravenstruther) and formerly at Knockshinnoch and Blindwells. The intention is to have the tower built in such a way (close to the backscene) that as the locomotive pulls empty wagons throught the tower they can be filled up and come out the other side full. In addition to the above, I want to model some single track branch line to/from the tower similar to that on the former Bilston Glen branch and currently seen on the line to Chalmerston and Killoch. The setting of the layout will allow Rail Blue, Large Logo, Trainload Coal, Transrail and Loadhaul locos to be used with Haa's and off course EWS/DBS and Freightliner to run with the latest wagons. It is my intention to use boards only 18 inches wide and use open frame construction to allow much more realistic scenery.